War and Politics

In the war of political campaigning there are no limits. Political ads flow through the airwaves every minute on television as voting day approaches and their content is based on pointing fingers at the evil guy-not necessarily on "educating" the public.

Presidential candidate John McCain's ads are solely focused on fingering Obama as a "terrorist ally" and Barack Obama's campaign ties McCain and George W. Bush, who will plunge the United States down the toilet.

Why do they act like bickering old ladies fighting at the supermarket for the last can of oatmeal and instead focusing on the real issues, the how to's and planning for a better future?

Obama is more centered on the issues than McCain at this point, but it goes to show that there is a fine line between war and politics.

Presidential candidates will lower their standards, finger point and bash their enemy to win political power and do nothing while in office- ah, glorious America.
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Stop putting fliers on my windshield

The overwhelming majority of the time, whatever is placed on my car is something that is of no interest to me. The intent of the ad and its placement is good. However, 99 percent of the people who get the flier don't want to buy an underground, local rap CD, or go to a Halloween-themed, cat fashion show.

So in the end, thousands of paper is wasted and the people who maintain the parking lot have a lot of extra trash to pick up.

A creative alternative to mass marketing is a cool Internet site or using tools like networking to reach your target audience. So listen up you hopeful entrepreneurs, STOP PUTTING YOUR FLIERS ON MY CAR!!!!

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The Ultimate Dumb@%$ Student

Besides a boring class, there is nothing more annoying than a student who raises his hand roughly 100 times throughout the entire class period while you are trying to stay awake, sipping on a double-shot espresso and focus on what the professor is trying to say.

Think the student has a smart question to ask and raises his hand frequently because the topic is interesting?


The particular student in my class feels he knows it all and tries to outsmart the professor with questions and comments.

"Instructional Design" - a course that helps students design teaching methods, theories to help, adults in particular, how to learn.

Sounds exciting doesn't it?

The purpose of the course is to connect "Instructional Design" and "Digital Media" theories together - and Mr. Right does not seem to get the material yet.

"Excuse me professor, but that seems irrelevant to the material," he said.

I thought, "No loser, you just don't get it."

The three-hour class seems endless and with him raising his hand constantly.

I personally don't understand the material myself, but I do not raise my hand to constantly make a complete fool of myself. The professor's personal office hours were designed for that purpose.
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And God Said Unto Thee...

Every semester a couple of religious nuts come to Sac State. About two or three times a semester these Christian extremists come to "preach salvation" and "save" students.

And, every time it is the same result: The preacher and students erupt in a shouting match.

What's the point?

One side is not going to change the other's mind. Of course students are going to be enraged by the hatred - or words of concern, as the preachers call it - that is spewing from the mouths of these religious extremists.

I honestly don't care what other students at this campus believe in. However, when it comes to extremists of any kind, they are all the same. Whether they are religious, environmentalists, or animal lovers, extremists all give their cause a bad name. Also you look stupid and crazy to the rest of the world, like the Berkeley tree protesters. Twenty-one months, really? Wow, I wish I had nothing better to do.

It was nice to see a bunch of students, who were Christian, get into a heated debate about how the preachers make the religion look bad. It's nice when religious people are logical and sensible. Good for you.

Whatever religion you believe in, keep it to yourself. If people ask, then feel free to share it. These public forums on campus amount to nothing more than entertainment.

These Christian extremists are no better than Muslim extremists. But, at least the Muslims extremists do us the courtesy of killing themselves.

Check out the full news story here.
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