Guest rant: Sac State's application process is a hassle

By Denise Rooke

Why do we have to apply for graduation a year in advance? I think it's because that's how it's been done since the 60's and Sacramento State refuses to admit that it is 2008. We have the degree analysis online available to us, why can't they just use that?

Probably because its TOO EASY!

California State University, Fresno asks for applications to be filed during the first two weeks of the final semester and UC Davis requires applications just weeks before the final semester starts.

I don't get how Sac State is so slow with everything they do. It's such a disappointment compared to the local junior colleges. They run so smoothly and efficiently. When I applied for my Associate degrees I was approved right away, face to face, and received my degrees in less than two months.

Denise Rooke is a senior business major planning to graduate in spring 2010. Are you a member of the Sacramento State community with a rant of your own? Send your message to online@statehornet.com and we'll post it.

Graphic Credit: Martin Wood
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Elect This!

Oh, can you feel the tension? In only a few hours we will have our new president. No matter what happens, change will come. I, however, would like to see that change come in the form of John McCain.

Yeah, I said it. What?

I've grown tired off all the ads of "My opponent won't do this and I'll do that." But, this is a matter about the people.

I've really grown tired of all the people who say, "If McCain wins, I'm moving to Canada."

No you won't. So stop talking, please.

By saying this, you are just motivating me to help McCain win. And, I hope he does.

I want him to win and see people live up to their words. How amazing would that be?

The headline Wednesday would read "McCain wins in huge upset." Then, on Thursday it would read "Americans flee country."

Besides entertainment value, this would help us out a great deal. Our population density would go down, especially here in the blue state of California.

With all the people leaving, companies would not have to lay off as many people. And, there would be job openings for those who stay.

It looks to me that McCain is the best answer to our economic crisis.

You go cool-cat. Knock 'em dead (No pun intended).

Photo courtesy MCT
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