The Busybody

Day 1: Somehow it always happens to me. There I am, sitting in a GE class minding my own business and a gabby girl plops into the seat next to me.

After settling in, she cranes her neck around to catch my eye and then lunges into an introduction followed with a confirmation handshake.

She is bubbly and inquisitive and after one minute I already know her year, major and innermost expectations of the said class. And she knows mine.

Meanwhile, class has not started.

I desperately try to proofread the syllabus before me and find dandruff in the hair of the guy in front. I feel her impenetrable gaze.

Class begins. Apparently she has an opinion about everything. She answers, comments and asks questions the whole time, all the while turning to me to add a side comment. Wait, didn’t I just meet this girl five minutes ago? Maybe she’s in the wrong class. “Understanding human body language and tone” 1A is down the hall.

Day 2: I come prepared this time with a book. I say hello and go back to my reading.

Ten seconds later…

“What book are you reading?” she asks. I politely tell her and exchange a few more lines.

I go back to my book.

Fifteen seconds later….

“About that assignment…”

Maybe I exaggerate a little. Maybe I just have bad luck. Maybe people like that should join a sorority; I’m taking a class.