Men who honk at women

While running on campus this week I was reminded just how immature men are. My club volleyball teammates and I were exercising on University Avenue together and were constantly harassed by men as we ran. Why does a man feel the need to honk and make catcalls to any woman he finds attractive on the street?

I wonder if men really think that it will impress the woman. It is totally logical that she will be swept off of her feet because you shouted "nice ass" to her as she crossed the street. How silly of me, it makes perfect sense.

It does not make you look cool to shout something and continue to drive. It is just creepy, you look like a weirdo and a loser from a woman's perspective.

I cannot recall a love story that began with, "we fell in love after he honked his horn at me while I waited for the bus."

Unless the quality of woman you are looking for actually responds to catcalls (that would make her a prostitute) , your best bet would be to quit yelling out your window.

Instead of making a cowardly attempt at getting a woman's attention, try something different . . . be a gentleman and think of a creative way to approach a woman.