Kanye West shutter shades

I am tired of seeing students on campus wearing these worthless accessories.

These shades are usually worn with a brightly colored houndstooth scarf (most people who wear them don't know that the print is called that), tight skinny jeans, a logo t-shirt and a pair of neon sneakers.

Being an individual is great. Wearing something that is non-functional strictly because a famous person wears it does not make you cool, it makes you sheep.

These stupid "glasses" provide no UV-protection and make it hard for you to see where you are going. What is so cool about that? I thought that the act of going to college was somehow a way of showing people how smart you are. Or at least how smart you hope to be one day.

Recently, Kanye West has become less than desirable when it comes to the role model department. He was just caught on tape smashing a camera that belongs to a member of the paparazzi. Now that is someone that we should all aspire to be like. He wears these glasses and he can't even see how big of an ass he has become. Take heed.

Do yourself a favor hipsters, wear real sunglasses. Your eyes will thank you one day.