War and Politics

In the war of political campaigning there are no limits. Political ads flow through the airwaves every minute on television as voting day approaches and their content is based on pointing fingers at the evil guy-not necessarily on "educating" the public.

Presidential candidate John McCain's ads are solely focused on fingering Obama as a "terrorist ally" and Barack Obama's campaign ties McCain and George W. Bush, who will plunge the United States down the toilet.

Why do they act like bickering old ladies fighting at the supermarket for the last can of oatmeal and instead focusing on the real issues, the how to's and planning for a better future?

Obama is more centered on the issues than McCain at this point, but it goes to show that there is a fine line between war and politics.

Presidential candidates will lower their standards, finger point and bash their enemy to win political power and do nothing while in office- ah, glorious America.