Stop putting fliers on my windshield

The overwhelming majority of the time, whatever is placed on my car is something that is of no interest to me. The intent of the ad and its placement is good. However, 99 percent of the people who get the flier don't want to buy an underground, local rap CD, or go to a Halloween-themed, cat fashion show.

So in the end, thousands of paper is wasted and the people who maintain the parking lot have a lot of extra trash to pick up.

A creative alternative to mass marketing is a cool Internet site or using tools like networking to reach your target audience. So listen up you hopeful entrepreneurs, STOP PUTTING YOUR FLIERS ON MY CAR!!!!


spadamchrist said...

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger would have, um, more pressing matters on his hands these days, the man has somehow found time to address a complaint put forth by a-many travelin' Californians. Just this week Mr. Schwarzenegger signed into law a bill that was put forth earlier this year that will legalize windshield GPS mounting once more.
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