Credit card etiquette

How hard is it to use a credit card? Why do so many people not know how to decide between debit and credit?

When working at a register and I ask "credit or debit?" it shouldn't be too hard to decide on which. Responding with "I don't know, doesn't matter or surprise me" isn't convenient, it's rude.

If it's debit, you might want to actually know what your pin number is. Asking the person at the register "what's my pin number" is ridiculous. I'm not a identity thief, why should I know what your pin number is? There are times I wished I knew, so I could empty out their account and give the money to charity. People guilty of stupidity in public deserve to lose money.

Standing in line gives plenty of time to decide how your going to pay. "I'll use credit, no wait, debit, wait, will my bank fine me?" is a response that happens far too frequently. I wish I could fine you for not knowing how to use a card.

Some people need to just carry cash. But then again some people can't count.