What I hate about Sac State

There are so many things I love about Sacramento State, from the lessons to the women to our own little Golden Gate. So many things to praise yet I leave every day full of rage. Full of questions as to why people do the things they do. Why they talk so loud on their cell phones, like they're in their own little private phone booth. Why they come to class all greasy like taking a shower makes taking calculus look easy.
I'm not saying everyone is on the line for these offenses, but if you wear pajamas to school you better get in line to start mending some fences. I can't tolerate peoeple who don't care about their appearance, take a little pride and pick some clothes to wear that you didn't buy on clearance.
Oh and if you decide that high-end designer track suit makes you look fine, please wear something that isn't going to give you that big fat granny panty line.
I don't think I'm being too demanding and I don't feel like I am being too harsh in my reprimanding. These are just things that people in college should know. I mean people don't wear bathing suits in the snow, or say "yes" when they really mean "no".
So please take the time to consider what the rest of us have to look at when you walk around campus. I don't care if you're having a bad day, you don't need to show up looking like something that crawled out of Loch Ness. We all have to do our part to keep Sac State pristine, so please, please don't wear something that will make me want to wash my eyes out with some Listerine.
There are so many things I love about Sac State, but it's so hard to concentrate when I can't stop thinking about all the things about it I hate.


sacbeme04 said...

OMG you are soooo right!! I can't stand it when someone's walking in front of me and they are wearing stripe calf's socks, Im always like,"That is sooo 2001."

Matt you are so correct people should be forced to conform to our sense of ideal fashion. We should make a petition that forces students to be more fashionably reasonable.

I mean the government is getting a bailout why can't Sac State's fashionably needy students get one, Its so wrong the world is all screwed up.

cv1987 said...

First of all, I respect that you guys have an opinion but I must disagree. My belief is that people don't intentionally make fashion faux pas. Before you wash your eyes out with Listerine, think about that person. Is it an adventurous person making bold fashion statement, someone who made fashion boo boo this morning, or something else?

The reality behind this is, some people don't have the money to "look good" or they have other more important issues to worry about (death of a family member, loss of a job, recent cancer diagnosis, etc.).
I can agree with you guys that some things are just not nice to look at but that doesn't mean we should openly ridicule these people. You guys are obviously openly opinionated, so I must encourage both of you to put those opinions to work. Give HELPFUL fashion opinions for college students.

These are my suggestions:

*Shop at a thrift store for lightly used articles of clothing that match what is in fashion.

*Stalk up on basics (under shirts, under garments, and pants) that are on special or clearance.

*Exercise good hygiene habits. For those long nights in the AIRC, go to the 99 cents store and buy an emergency supply of wipes, tooth brush, tooth paste, deodorant, and a hat (to hide that messy hair)!

I have had a personal experience where my water was shut off. I contacted a friend who lived in the dorms and asked to use their shower. Or if you know times are going to be tough, sign up to a one unit kinesiology class and use the showers!

All I’m saying is, people on this campus right now can be going through abuse or mental trauma and in my opinion fashion should not be their priority.
I’m glad to see anyone here at sac state no matter how fashionably mislead they are, that’s what makes them unique. Those individuals help me to humble myself and appreciate what I have or hope to achieve in the future (like the huge balls it takes to not care about what other think or say). We make up a diverse population and we need to help each other out. I would encourage you to flip your thinking and try to be HELPFUL instead of judging people by what you see.