Drink, Drank, Drunk

It never fails. No matter how many parties you go to, you will always see that "one guy."

You know that guy you see at every party. He is belligerently drunk by 10 p.m. I mean how can you miss him? He's screaming at the top of his lungs every time someone takes a shot.

God forbid you are a girl, or a group of girls, standing without a male. Be prepared to have a little ass grabbed with a side of slurred, blunt come-ons. He doesn't mean to hit on the ugly girls, he's just drunk.

Whether he's locking lips with the toilet or curling up on the front lawn, by midnight this guy is out.

And we, as bystanders, simply laugh and enjoy his humiliation. After all it's not us with the drinking problem.

But, it sure is a sad day when we join his ranks.