And God Said Unto Thee...

Every semester a couple of religious nuts come to Sac State. About two or three times a semester these Christian extremists come to "preach salvation" and "save" students.

And, every time it is the same result: The preacher and students erupt in a shouting match.

What's the point?

One side is not going to change the other's mind. Of course students are going to be enraged by the hatred - or words of concern, as the preachers call it - that is spewing from the mouths of these religious extremists.

I honestly don't care what other students at this campus believe in. However, when it comes to extremists of any kind, they are all the same. Whether they are religious, environmentalists, or animal lovers, extremists all give their cause a bad name. Also you look stupid and crazy to the rest of the world, like the Berkeley tree protesters. Twenty-one months, really? Wow, I wish I had nothing better to do.

It was nice to see a bunch of students, who were Christian, get into a heated debate about how the preachers make the religion look bad. It's nice when religious people are logical and sensible. Good for you.

Whatever religion you believe in, keep it to yourself. If people ask, then feel free to share it. These public forums on campus amount to nothing more than entertainment.

These Christian extremists are no better than Muslim extremists. But, at least the Muslims extremists do us the courtesy of killing themselves.

Check out the full news story here.


Doug said...

Nothing better than a group of Christian's preaching hate, or at least they'd like to call themselves Christians.

Not to mention their arguments and comebacks were those of a bunch of unoriginal angry kids.

Oh and i think you meant to say "Wow, I wish I had nothing better to do" (either)

Just looking out for you Mickey, aren't you supposed to be some kind of editor? Haha