The Texter

You get out of class and have ten minutes to make the trek to your next building on the opposite side of campus.

There’s a steady stream of people to your left and a long side of building for some feet on your right. You try to keep up your quick pace but soon realize the girl in front of you has slowed down to turtle speed. Then she starts swaying a little back and forth. Next she stops completely, looks up, and then starts walking again.

She’s texting.

And there’s no way to get around her. All you can do is wait out the hundred feet or so until the wall ends.

These people have an extremely important lesson to learn in life: they can’t multitask.

Jake Corbin seems to think he’s got the multitasking down. I asked him to give us a demo for all the texters out there who I want to yell at on a daily basis.

To me it seems you just either do or don’t have the suave moves. All I ask is that you walk.

And don’t even get me started on stair-texting.