The Ultimate Dumb@%$ Student

Besides a boring class, there is nothing more annoying than a student who raises his hand roughly 100 times throughout the entire class period while you are trying to stay awake, sipping on a double-shot espresso and focus on what the professor is trying to say.

Think the student has a smart question to ask and raises his hand frequently because the topic is interesting?


The particular student in my class feels he knows it all and tries to outsmart the professor with questions and comments.

"Instructional Design" - a course that helps students design teaching methods, theories to help, adults in particular, how to learn.

Sounds exciting doesn't it?

The purpose of the course is to connect "Instructional Design" and "Digital Media" theories together - and Mr. Right does not seem to get the material yet.

"Excuse me professor, but that seems irrelevant to the material," he said.

I thought, "No loser, you just don't get it."

The three-hour class seems endless and with him raising his hand constantly.

I personally don't understand the material myself, but I do not raise my hand to constantly make a complete fool of myself. The professor's personal office hours were designed for that purpose.